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AGF Tip Turn Recurve Sight
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AGF Tip Turn Recurve Sight

AGF Tip Turn Recurve Sight

The AGF-TIP TURN is a new high-end precision sight, perfectly well constructed. The extension of these sights is hot pressed of high strength aluminium. In the production process the aluminium is heated to 500°C and then pressed into its shape with a weight of 400 tons. As a result the extension is very strong, lightweight and produces clearly less unwanted vibrations.

All small parts are produced accurately with a lot of care and reveal the high quality of these sights. There are adjustable red cursors made of aluminium. Because of the minimal distance between cursor and scale there is no parallax error.

This sight features an easy quick adjustment with push button. The AGF-TIP TURN comes with a very special and ingenious fine adjustment, in addition the the rotary knobs. V-shaped push buttons move the slide block incl. scope in small steps. Every click on the button equates to 0.1mm. 10 clicks equate to 1 full turn of the rotary knob. The v-shaped buttons indicate the direction where you want your arrow to go. For example: Arrow should go higher - Click on the upwards push button (The slide will move downwards. That way the arrow will aim higher.) So even in a stressful situation (competition) it will be perfectly easy and save to adjust your sight.

  • High-end precision sight with revolutionary fine adjustment with click buttons
  • Hot pressed aluminium extension, lightweight
  • Quick adjustment per push button
  • Turning knobs with adjustable point of origin
  • Strong fixation on the bow
  • Scale and seperate writing strip with adjustable cursors, easy reading
  • Exchangeable hexagonal bar with scale
  • Lefthanded (LH) version available
  • Maintenance free and weather proof, lightweight and strong

AGF Tip Turn Recurve Sight

AGF Tip Turn Recurve Sight Diagram
Information provided courtesy of AGF Gasser AG, Switzerland.