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Arc Systeme Monorest
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Arc Syeteme Monorest

Arc Systeme Monorest

The ever popular drop away monorest from Arc Systeme has been refreshed with these new features...

  • New BCY rope material
  • New V shaped launcher
  • Silent action
  • New, dynamic body shape
  • ...but still always with the micrometric adjustments!
  • Drop-away system as standard
  • Fixed rest optional with Arc Systeme parts
  • Overdraw system optional with new Safety Claw
  • Laser engraving
  • RH and LH models available
  • Made in France

The rope is now produced from industry leading BCY material. This material has a better durability, a very low elasticity and an excellent performance.

The U shaped launched has been replaced by a V shaped launcher. No more worries about arrow diameters with this new shape! The cylindrical arrow will rest on each edge of the V, without problem of clearance. The maintenance is assured in all conditions, including during storms. Both launcher options are available, the narrow model comes with the Monorest as standard. The wide launcher is available separately.

The rest action is now silent, to better appreciate the firing of the bow, a nice sound without interference: the lower stop is provided with a pad that stifles the noise when the release of the rope.

Cosmetics are also enhanced with a new shape, more dynamic, more angular, in tune with the times and more advanced curves than ever.

With the micrometric adjustment control we always ensure a mastery of games to the hundredth!

Principle of use: By a simple adjustment of the exit of arrow, the archer concentrates on his pure technique, without the constraint of the flight of arrow. Whether high level or progress, the Monorest is a reference that has accompanied many great names in French archery, just as it has brought a lot of satisfaction to archers in search of sporting sensations, without mechanical stress.

Clearing the launcher leaves room for the arrow as it exits the bow. We call this the concept of clearance: the tube is guided initially, and the retractable ramp will leave the arrow pass without contact with it. Stresses related to stress, small errors or weather are then reduced, accuracy preserved.

Arc Syeteme Monorest