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X10 Tungsten Points

The VERY expensive point option!

The all new Easton X10 Ballistic Tungsten Points produced with Aerojet Material Technology are available on a Special Order basis.

These points are supplied only as a sealed pack of 12 in a quality plastic presentation case. Each point is stored within it's own individual sealed cylinder container. Two sticks of Easton Hotmelt are also supplied.

The compact design of the X10 Ballistic Tungsten Point concentrates the mass at the point end of the shaft for technical advantages of greater durability and less shaft damage attributed to point bending. It is also easier to obtain a solid adhesive bond between the shaft and the point.

Break-off points: 120-110-100gns

Suitable for Easton X10 and PROTOUR shafts.

X10 Tungsten Box
X10 Tungsten Point Presentation Box
X10 Tungsten Point
X10 Tungsten Point
Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery