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SF Optimo Plus riser

Sebastien Flute, the 1991 World Indoor Champion (Oulu - Finland) and 1992 Olympic Gold medal winner (Barcelona - Spain) retired from International competition after the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Since then he has worked on building up a range of high quality archery products by forging links with some of the world's leading manufacturers.

The Optimo PLUS is the entry level hardwood riser from SF. The perfect bow to start and progress! At light as accurate, this bow is being manufactured the same way as others in the SF Archery range. This laminated wood wood is ready for intensive club usage.

Available in 5 different sizes in RH and LH models to suit archers of all ages. The 14.5in riser accepts 48in limbs, the 19.5in riser accepts 54in and 58in limbs, the 20in riser produces a 62in bow with 66in limbs, the 22in riser produces a 64in bow with 66in limbs, and the 24in riser accepts 66in, 68in and 70in limbs.

Includes bushings for button (5/16in), stabilizer (5/16in) and sight (10-24 UNC).

Recommended for use with SF Optimo PLUS limbs.


  • 14.5in
  • 19.5in
  • 20in
  • 22in
  • 24in

LimbsHandlePoundage (lbs)Type
SF Optimo Plus riser
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