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Skylon Preminens shafts (doz)
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Skylon Preminens shafts

Skylon Preminens shafts

LIMITED EDITION - Same as the Skylon Paragon shafts but with a straightness tolerance of +/-0.001in. Top of the range, 3.2mm small diameter arrow shafts from the makers of the Avalon Tec One shafts. High strength 40-ton all-carbon shaft. Supplied as a set of 12 shafts with pins included. Limited edition. Limited availability. Limited range of sizes.

  • Skylon Preminens: outdoor arrow for recurve and compound archery
  • Material: 40-ton Carbon
  • Inner diameter: 3.2mm / 0.124in
  • Straightness tolerance: ±0.001
  • Sizes: 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650

Skylon Size Selection Chart (PDF)