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Easton Pin Nock System

Pin Nocks
Pin Nocks
Easton X10 Pin
X10 Pin
Easton X10 PROTOUR Pin
Easton ACE Pin
Easton Carbon One Pin
Carbon One Pin
Easton Navigator Pin
Navigator Pin
Easton Pin + Pin Nock
Pin + Nock

Easton's Pin Nock system has proved to be massively popular with archers worldwide. We currently stock the following options...


  • X10
  • ACE
  • Navigator
  • ACG
  • Carbon One

They are supplied in packs of 12 but we can sell individual quantities too.


Pin Nock Assembly Instructions


  1. Insert the pin into the arrow shaft(as shown). You may use hot melt only to secure into the shaft.
  2. Insert the nock into the Nock Installation Tool until it is firmly seated inside the tool.
  3. Push the nock onto the pin until it seats firmly against the ridge. Do not use any type of glue on either the pin or the nock. The nock should be a tight fit.
  4. The Nock Installation Tool can be used after fletching to ensure proper nock alignment and fletching clearance.

Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery.