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Visionary VT-50 Tripod

Visionary VT-50 Tripod
Visionary VT-50 Tripod

New model in store!

Ideal for use with Spotting Scopes and Chronographs as used in archery. This particular model is now used extensively here at Alternative Services and by the film crews at

  • Net weight: 1500g
  • Max operation height: 1600mm
  • Min operation height: 620mm
  • Retracted length: 640mm
  • Leg diameter: 23.2mm
  • 3-way panhead
  • Quick release system
  • Separate tilt and pan locks
  • Bubble level
  • Elevator crank and locks
  • Grip handle
  • 3-section aluminium closed channel legs
  • Side leg locks
  • Brace with lock
  • Hook on center column
  • Case included