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Precision Balance by Doinker
Precision Balance Long Rods

Precision Balance Long Rods

Front Stabilizers:

The perfect combination of precision machined components, lightweight... yet superior strength carbon body with low wind drag @0.640" outside diameter, assembled and tunable for vibration dampened balance. These features combined will deliver a rock steady holding pattern when at draw on the target to allow you a precision shot time and time again.

Every Precision Balance long rod comes with two 1oz Internal Dampened Weights (PBW-1). Additional 1oz and 5oz weights are available separately as are Screw Kits for fixing the additional weights.


  • 33" - 4.9oz (7.6oz & 34 1/4" long with included weights)
  • 30" - 4.6oz (7.3oz & 31 1/4" long with included weights)
  • 27" - 4.3oz (6.9oz & 28 1/4" long with included weights)
  • 24" - 3.9oz (6.6oz & 25 1/4" long with included weights)
  • 20" - 3.5oz (6.1oz & 21 1/4" long with included weights)

Product code: PBS*

Precision Balance - 2x 1oz weights included
Precision Balance - How It Works

Leven Industries Incorporated, the same great company that brought you the world’s famous Doinker Stabilizers has done it again.

Precision Balance combines 21 years of cutting edge stabilizer design experience and vibration dampening technology, offered to you with a wallet friendly price.

Taking the modern day bow balancing trends with a simple yet effective Patent Pending, Internal Dampened Weight System. When you purchase a Precision Balance Stabilizer System, you can rest assure you are not only getting a great value on some of the finest quality archery equipment in the world, but you will be a part of a company that holds its customers very high. We don’t just think of you as a customer, but as a part of our Team!

Many have asked why we didn’t just add Precision Balance to the Doinker line up? The simple answer to that question is; Because it utilizes design features that are unique and nothing like the Doinker Technology, or any other stabilizer system in the world, so we felt making it a product line of it’s own just made sense.

Information provided courtesy of Precision Balance...