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Gillo Gold Medal

Gillo Ghost Carbon Limbs

Hunting Carbon/Wood International Limb Fitting (ILF) compatible limbs designed to match the Gillo G5 Ghost 19 riser. Produced with the EEC to a specific Gillo design. Available in natural wood or matte black finishes, these limbs are rated for 19in risers only in poundages ranging from 38lbs to 60lbs and giving a 60 inch total bow length.

Special order only. Allow 45 days.

  • Perfect match for GHOST 19 riser
  • 60in length on 19in riser
  • ILF limbs compatible
  • Fiberglass + Carbon + Wood, laminated construction for maximum speed to softness combination
  • Traditional curve
  • Poundage rated on 19in risers only
  • Available in 5 pounds increments from 38lbs to 60lbs
  • Made in EEC


  • Matte Black
  • Natural Wood

Poundage rating:

Poundage is rated at 28in draw from back face of a GHOST 19 riser. If limbs are used on other GILLO Gold Medal risers, user should consider one pound increment for any inch of reduction of riser length, or one pound reduction for any additional one inch in riser length.

Real poundage may vary from rated marked poundage up to +- 1 pound

Gillo Ghost Carbon Limbs - Natural Wood
Gillo Ghost Carbon Limbs - Matte Black
Information provided courtesy of Gillo.