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Cartel Fletching Tool

Cartel Fletching Tool

Another excellent product from Doo Sung Corporation of South Korea. The Cartel Fletching Tool takes it's styling cues from the massively popular Arco Sport Spigarelli Fletching Jig.

Manufactured from a pressed steel construction, the base section is pre-drilled with two holes for fixing to a work bench. The removeable fletching clamp is held in position by two of the strongest magnets we've seen on this type of product. These magnets are themselves securely set into a metal block which can be easily adjusted to give an offset or angled fletching result. The fletching clamp itself has a 13cm scale with 2mm increments stamped into one side providing accurate and consistent fletching location.

The arrow is held in place by the nock locator which is marked to show the cock fletching position and is preset to rotate through 120 degree increments to provide the desired fletching results. As an additional feature, 90 degree and 60 degree increments can be achieved by undoing the locking screw and sliding the nock locator unit in or out.

Model specification may vary slightly from batch to batch.