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Axcel Achieve Carbon CXL Compound Sight - 9in extension

Axcel Achieve Carbon CXL Compound Sight

The Achieve CXL is an all new Axcel tournament sight with added features designed specifically for compound bows including the new VTSL (Variable Tension System with Lock), providing a new adjustment where the archer personally chooses a desired elevation travel tension setting plus added Locking feature.

It is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium and weighs less than the 2012 top selling recurve carbon-bar bow sight. An all-new superior windage dovetail guide system replaces the inferior twin-dowel guide systems.

We normally stock the black colour models with a choice of either 6 inch or 9 inch carbon extensions.

The Achieve CXL provides 2.875in of elevation adjustment.

Available in these colour combinations...

  • BB (all Black)
  • BS (Black/Silver)
  • SB (Silver/Black)
  • SS (all Silver)
  • RB (Red/Black)
  • RS (Red/Silver)
  • LB (Blue/Black)
  • LS (Blue/Silver)
  • GB (Gold/Black)
  • GS (Gold/Silver)
  • PB (Pink/Black)
  • PS (Pink/Silver)
  • OB (Orange/Black)
  • OS (Orange/Silver)
  • EB (Green/Black)
  • ES (Green/Silver)
  • WB (Brown/Black)
  • WS (Brown/Silver)
  • UB (Purple/Black)
  • US (Purple/Silver)
  • TB (Teal/Black)
  • TS (Teal/Silver)

We can normally obtain the BB (all Black) colour option within 1-2 weeks if it is not in stock here. All other colour combinations need to be special ordered directly from Axcel. This can take 4-8 weeks approx.

Axcel Achieve Carbon CXL Compound Sight - 6in extension