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Fivics Pocket - USA

Fivics Pocket - USA:

A multi-use featured-packed accessory with a patriotic flavour and an unbelieveable price!

Features the flag of United States of America and USA text on a high quality hand pocket, release aid pouch, small accessories bag or whatever you want to use it for.

Many, many features including a black colour waterproof exterior material, black colour fleece lined interior, a generous 90mm sized belt loop, attractive black and white draw string closure with sprung toggle, elastic tool and pen holders on each side, rope keychain loop, internal dividing panel to prevent damage to multiple items and also an additional external zipped compartment measuring 110mm x 100mm.

The Fivics Pocket - USA is finished with a discrete Fivics logo in rubber above the national flag.

Dimensions 165mm x 120mm x 75mm approx.

Fivics Pocket - USA
Fivics Pocket - USA
Fivics Pocket - USA
Fivics Pocket - USA
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