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Gillo GT 29in ILF riser
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Gillo Gold Medal
Gillo GT 29in riser

Gillo GT 29in riser

GILLO GT Risers family Changing The Game!


After 5 years of development, we are proud to introduce officially our new family of Recurve Multipurpose Risers, the GT Risers Family.

Today we are not introducing just a new model of Bow Handle with small changes from a previous version or modest tricky features, but an innovative solution that will change the future of Recurve Bows as they are intended today.

No more a riser with a limited tiller/poundage adjustment range that forces the buyer to change limbs often to cope with his/her changes of personal needs, but a technical solution that allows more than 30% of total range in poundage adjustment without any compromise to the stability of the limbs - the "Floating Pockets" technology