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Easton Apollo

Easton Apollo shafts

The Apollo shaft is a product that Easton has been developing for some years in order to come out with a very competitive shaft in the lower priced carbon market.

The Carbon Apollo is designed for the up and coming archer that is on a budget but still wants to have real Easton quality!

They are attractively priced below the Easton Carbon One. This brand new shaft features internal fit components with the same internal dimensions as the Carbon One and comes in 8 spine sizes from 560 to 1200.


  • Available sizes: 560, 610, 670, 740, 840, 950, 1070, 1200
  • Components sold separately.


  • Points:
    • Apollo One Piece - 50gr (for 1070-1200 sizes)
    • Easton AC Bulge Point 50gr (for 1070-1200 sizes)
    • Apollo One Piece - 75gr (for 670-950 sizes)
    • Carbon One Break-Off 70-80-90gr (for 670-950 sizes)
    • Apollo One Piece - 100gn (for 560-610 sizes)
    • Carbon One Break-Off 90-100-110gr (for 560-610 sizes)
  • Insert Nocks:
    • Easton G Nocks
  • Pin Nocks:
    • ACE Pin (fits 1070-1200 sizes)
    • Carbon One Pin C1-1 (fits 740-950 sizes)
    • Carbon One Pin C1-2 (fits 560-670 sizes)
    • ACE and Carbon One Pins accept both Easton Pin Nock and Easton G Pin Nock options.

Size Shaft gpi Shaft grain Spine inches Stock inches Recommended Point Size Nock Pin Adapter Nock
12005.51601.20027 1/2Apollo One Piece
50 grain
ACE One Piece
50 grain
ACEPin Nock
G Pin Nock
G Nock
9506.21800.95028 1/2Apollo One Piece
75 grain
Carbon One
70-90 grain
7407.22090.74029 1/2
6108.12350.61030 1/2Apollo One Piece
100 grain
Carbon One
90-110 grain
Information provided courtesy of Easton