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Sanlida Athletics 7 limbs - SALE
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Sanlida Athetics 7 limbs

Sanlida Athetics 7 limbs

Sanlida is the largest manufacturer of archery equipment in the world. With over 20 years experience they have developed and produced recurve and compound bows and crossbows for leading brands in the USA and Europe and now they are producing bows under their own name. With vast resources close to Beijing, China they have the capacity to service the global market.

The Sanlida Athletics 7 limbs are constructed from layered foam and high strength cross carbon producing a smooth, light weight and fast limb. Complete with advanced design features such as a slim shape and attention to detail on the limb tips. High performance. High speed. High precision.


  • Layered foam core limbs
  • Made of high-strength cross carbon
  • Smooth, light weight and fast limb
  • Advanced design, slim shape, durable, high performance, high speed and high precision
  • Advanced design of the limb tips make the initial speed faster
  • International Limb Fitting (ILF)


  • 66in - 18lbs to 42lbs
  • 68in - 20lbs to 44lbs
  • 70in - 22lbs to 46lbs