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Core Jet riser
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Core Jet riser - Blue


Core Jet riser

Light weight 699g beginner metal riser from Core. The Jet accepts screw type beginner limbs such as the Core Verve and Core Shift as well as others. Available in RH and LH models in a large range of colours. 24in riser length will produce 66in, 68in and 70in length bows. Riser only. Limbs not included.


  • Length: 24in (for 66in, 68in or 70in length bow)
  • Type: RH and LH models
  • Weight: 699g
  • Fitting: Screw type / beginner
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Painted colours
  • Grip: Plastic
  • NOTE: Max 40lbs poundage limit


  • RH Black
  • RH Blue
  • RH Grey
  • RH Green
  • RH Muddy Black
  • RH Muddy Pink
  • RH Next G1 Camo
  • RH Pink
  • RH Red
  • RH Silver
  • RH Teal
  • RH White
  • RH Yellow
  • LH Black
  • LH Blue
  • LH Grey
  • LH Green
  • LH Pink
  • LH Red
  • LH Teal
  • LH White
  • LH Yellow

Core Jet riser - Blue

Core Jet fitted with Core beginner limbs (not included)

Core Jet riser - Grey


Core Jet riser - Black


Core Jet riser - Muddy Pink

Muddy Pink

Core Jet riser - Red