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SupeRest Magnetico

The new drop-away rest from Arco Sport Spigarelli!

A development on the Top Rest theme, the SupeRest Magnetico uses opposing magnets instead of a spring, and the adjustment screws are bigger and easier to use.

Spigarelli SupeRest Magnetico

The Arco Sport Spigarelli SupeRest Magnetico can be used either in a normally up or a normally down situation.

Available in RH and LH models.

What do you get for your money?

  • 1 x SupeRest (complete)
  • Choice of 2 launcher arms; one wide, one narrow
  • A selection of Allen keys
  • Assembly instructions in English and Italian

Spigarelli SupeRest Magnetico Test Report ~ by Tony Goodwin:

The new Arco Sport Spigarelli SupeRest Magnetico works exactly the same as the older Top Rest model. The only difference is that the return spring is replaced by opposing magnets.
The first batch we received had a minor problem with some small locking screws stripping by heavy handed archers. In my opinion, this rest offers no substantial advantage over the Top Rest and we found it a little noisy in operation.

However, it is a good arrow rest, better than many of the similarly priced models on the market. Also in it's favour, the adjustment screws for top and bottom of stroke are big and very easy to use.