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Easton D-Loop Nock Pliers

Easton D-Loop Nock Pliers

The D-Loop Nock Plier is the most convenient and versatile nocking archery tool available today. The patent-pending design has six useful features, including an innovativehand-squeeze side-stretch jaw that maximises mechanical advantage to provide the tightest possible D-Loops that will never budge.

This product is also known as the Elite Nockset and D-Loop Plier - Dual Jaw design. Pack includes instructions for tying a D-Loop rope with this tool.

6 useful features:

  • Side stretch jaw
  • Vertical leverage cleat
  • Tweezer tip
  • Nock set tightening jaw
  • Separated jaw
  • Nock set removal tool

Information provided courtesy of Easton Archery