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Fivics Fornix Short Rod
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Fivics Fornix Short Rod

Fivics Fornix Short Rod

The Fornix stabilizer is efficiently layered by general modulus carbon into the high modulus carbon. This build is characterized as highly elastic and very strong spine relative to the weight of the unit. Fivics also uses the high pressure mould to diminish the presence of resins (foreign substances and impurities), maximizing carbon purity density and minimizing residual and unwanted vibrations. The Fivics specific damper uses high quality butyl as an ingredient to develop a mixing ratio that could decrease vibration up to 100%. The new stabilizer is unique because it uses specially produced carbon fabric (only applied to Fivics products), which focuses on the dampening of vibration. Material: 40 ton Carbon. Diameter: 14.5mm.

  • Material: 40 ton Carbon
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Damper and Weight included


  • 10in
  • 12in
  • 15in

Information supplied courtesy of Fivics Archery