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Touchwood Taipan T/D Bow
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Touchwood Taipan

Touchwood Taipan

Produced from Beech and Bintangor wood, the attractive Touchwood Taipan is a traditional style take-down recurve bow. Together with the Maple / black glass limbs, this 60in bow is available in poundages ranging from 25lbs to 50lbs in both RH and LH models. String and rest are included.

  • Hand: RH or LH
  • Bow Length: 60in
  • Weights: 25 to 50lbs in 5lbs increments
  • Brace Height: 8in
  • Riser Length: 19 3/4in
  • Riser Material: Beech and Bintangor
  • Limbs Material: Dual Maple core with black fiberglass and laminated micarta tips
  • Dacron string included
  • Shelf and plate rest included