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Avalon Tec One ABS Recurve Case with wheels

Avalon Tec One ABS Recurve Case with wheels

The Avalon TEC-ONE is a great looking new ABS recurve trolley. Made for durability, comfort and easy storage. This case features a pully handle, two wheels and carry handle for your travelling comfort. When opening this case you notice a lot of different interior compartment for easy and well organized storage.


  • Internal Dimensions (bow side): 84cm L x 34cm W x 13cm D
  • External Dimensions: 86cm L x 36cm W x 23cm D
  • Weight: 7,7 kg
  • ABS construction
  • Incl. wheels, pull handle and carry handle
  • Interior compartments for well-organized storage
  • Cushion protection pads
  • Combination lock

Setting the Combination Lock:

The basic combination is factory set to "000". There is a pin at the back of the lock in the shape of an "L". If you turn the pin to the top of the "L" you can change the numbers to your own personal choice. Then turn the pin back to lock the new combination in place.