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Samick SCB-K bow
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Samick Classic Bow-K

Samick Classic Bow-K is a Korean traditional style bow. It was standardized centuries ago as a weapon in earlier times. It is a laminated bow where different materials are laminated together to form the bow. The K is constructed from wood, fiberglass and other modern materials. It enables the bowyer to use materials on the back of the bow that are particularly strong in tension and it is also easier to apply power so as to save time. One piece Korean style bow. 50 inch bow length. Available in 5lbs increments from 30-50lbs. Made in Korea.

  • Material: Wood/glass
  • RH only
  • Bow length: 50 inches
  • Limb poundages: 30-50lbs in 5lbs increments

Samick Classic Bow-K